Natural Beauty products

Makeup comparison

Right now, what do you wear on your face? You have done it, or are you proud of it? You may be shocked that on days that I have Zoom meetings, I typically play a natural loud lip. In addition to the severe and profound matters, my “lipstick testing ground” was last year, when I studied new colors and upgraded my skill. The stakes feel lower on a video pixellated, so I am unaware of coffee pots or misplaces of red on my teeth. 

After months of various successes in natural beauty, I think I’m ready to take the lead (after being safe to mask free in the real world with a daring pink lip). But I wonder what beauties or hacks my team members of The Good Trade love right now? But I wonder what personal renaissance? 

Each one of our publishers reveals, fresh from their routine, four of their current favorite goods. Whether it’s skincare, make-up, haircare, or anything else, it allows us to feel a bit more together. 

All-Natural Beauty

Since I’ve spent more than ever on video, I chose more than less color. I’m easily washed out, and my face looks like a blank thumb if. Before I log in, I do not add a slight dimension to it. I keep it basic, however: SPF, eyes, lips, and cheeks, and I am ready for whatever. I’m sometimes adding a slight brow color to my barely blonde Eyebrows when I feel dramatic – but most of the days, I don’t, do you know, have the emotional width for anything other than natural? 

I am squeezing the last drops out of ILIA, which is the same natural product that AOC uses, according to Twitter. Therefore I find it a fantastic record. I get a little glimpse of the covering at first, and as it settles down, you would never know that I was wearing anything. Putting a slight color and highlight on my cheekbones and mix them softly with my fingertips NOTO multi-purpose sticks (their Hydra Highlighter makes me feel like an Instagram model). I swipe on whatever mascara that I initially can reach (usually ILIA). 

My hero is often a natural lip cream from Kosas. The colors of the lipstick are tremendous and last most of the day without being reapplied. (If I use a mask, a mild dye works too — it simply provides enough color to a hyaluronic lip ball. I’m so hydrated that sometimes I put it in front of my bed… but then my pillowcase is all over, so if you’re sensitive about your linen, I’d not recommend it.) 

Settling Down

Speaking of bedtime—I drink a massive mug of peppermint tea every night. A whole mug. I can’t just get enough! When I am hydrated before sleep, I tend to wake up to feel less crustaceous. This Rishi loose leaf tea is organic, US-grown, cheap, natural, and incredibly tasty. (It takes me about six months for a one-pound bag!)